The Halo-Effect: Creating Impact Through “Good-looking“ Roadmaps

Content is the essence of roadmapping. But the impact of impressive, professional visuals that attract interest in their own right can often be overlooked.... more»

Improving Product Features: When is More Less?

Improving Product Features: When is More Less?

Different types of feature have different effects on customer satisfaction – an analysis by Japanese Quality expert, Noriaki Kano, is just as relevant now as it was in 1984.... more»

Paul Barrett

Tools support objective discussion of portfolio strategy

Paul Barrett is part of a RADMA working group that aims to provide a selection of recommended tools so that R&D and innovation managers can improve the productivity of their departments and manage the processes better.... more»

Frugal innovation creates competitive advantage when resources are limited

Frugal innovation allows a company with a quality product to compete effectively with cheaper manufacturers as it makes a better product more affordable. To help organisations assess their potential Fraunhofer IAO has developed a Frugal Innovation Index. This uses a simple questionnaire to measure, assess and increase the capability of organisations to be frugally innovative.... more»

How to create compelling objectives to deliver strategic growth platforms

Leaders want their teams to think beyond the day-to-day and create thriving visions for the future that are based in a well-understood current situation and provide a platform for new growth. Peter Allen of nu Angle describes a tool that he has used to develop compelling objectives for strategic growth.... more»

Using game ‘Top Trumps’ as a communications tool

Large R&D centric businesses have a huge asset in the vast experience that exists in their leading scientists – every trick in the book should be used to help staff access this expertise…... more»

Valuing and comparing small portfolios

Many of the tools used in valuing and selecting projects are only really applicable to large portfolios because they assess value by using statistical concepts such as probability, mean and risk.... more»

Innovation Fitness Test – a tool to help scoring

John Bessant recommends this tool developed by colleagues in Canada which helps with using the Innovation Fitness test framework.... more»

‘How to’ statements

A useful tool in creative problem solving is the ‘how to’ statement which provides a powerful way of reframing the problem.... more»

The challenge of applying TRIZ tool kit for ideation

TRIZ (the theory of inventive problem solving) provides a logical approach to developing creativity for innovation and inventive problem solving.... more»

Would an analogy help?

nalogies are a useful tool for creative problem solving, to help one move away from the obvious and to encourage ‘out of the box’ thinking. Professor John Bessant shares his views on this interesting tool.... more»