Innovation Masterclass: Innovation Strategy & Portfolio Management

Dr Robert G Cooper's Innovation MasterclassInnovation Masterclass led by Dr Robert G Cooper

Tuursday and Friday 26-27 April 2018

Hilton Hotel, Downing Street, Cambridge, CB2 3DT, UK

Do You Face These Challenges?

  • You have trouble creating value – you want fewer, bigger and better development projects?
  • You have difficulty killing and prioritising projects – there are too many active projects with too few resources and nothing is getting to market?
  • Your organisation reacts to any new idea that comes along?
  • Your organisation needs to be more strategic about the types of projects you invest in?

Does your business have a clearly defined product innovation strategy, with realistic goals and objectives? Is your development pipeline full of high-value and strategically important development projects – do you make the right R&D investment decisions? If not, this seminar is for you.

Join us to see practical methods for defining objectives and goals and then learn how to translate these into your business’s innovation strategy. Complete with many examples and illustrations, see the best ways to select new-product projects to invest in to maximise your R&D productivity and get the right mix and balance of projects.

If your organisation faces these challenges, join us for this masterclass from the worlds’ leader in product innovation management. This masterclass draws on the wealth of experience Dr. Cooper possesses from working with the world’s leading firms in product development.

What you will learn

  • How to develop a product innovation strategy and assess how it will impact innovation performance.
  • How to define your strategy – which markets, technologies and project types should you focus your product development efforts on?
  • How to create your strategic product and technology roadmaps.
  • An understanding of the tools to use for effective gate and portfolio reviews.
  • How to rank and prioritise projects – how to pick the winners.
  • The use of strategic buckets for more effective resource allocation, aligned with your strategy.

How you will learn

  • Interactive lecture & discussion sessions, including plenty of question-and-answer opportunities and Cooper’s famous “hot questions” sessions.
  • Numerous case studies, illustrations, and practical examples from other companies and other countries.
  • Templates, guidelines and checklists.


The cost of this 2 day course is £1,699, which will include attendance at all plenary sessions and all course materials. It does not include the cost of travel or accommodation.


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