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Strategic Roadmapping

Strategic roadmapping – take control in times of uncertainty

Roadmapping is a planning approach that provides a structured ‘lens’ with which to look at a complex situation and deduce action plans. Dr Imoh Ilevbare will discuss the benefits of this approach in a webinar on 19th April 2017, 13.00 BST.... more»

Bonneville Power Administration

Technology Roadmap Development Framework: Case Study within Energy Sector

When the Bonneville Power Administration wanted to articulate its technology research agenda to external experts it found that the traditional approach to roadmapping didn't meet its needs. So the Agency developed its own approach and this has been used successfully to cascade its needs from strategy to implementation.... more»

A roadmapping workshop for BASF’s Construction Chemicals Division

Roadmapping at BASF

When Tim Handyside became head of a new innovation management group for BASF’s Construction Chemicals Division he was already an advocate of roadmapping. However, despite the full approval of management, he found implementation challenging. BASF's experiences are shared by many of the companies taking part in a research project run by STIM Consortium.... more»

Roadmapping facilitates strategic dialogue

Careful attention to the design of roadmap-based templates can greatly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the group in sharing, capturing, organising, prioritising and synthesising knowledge.... more»

Agile project management in R&D

What do you think about roadmapping?

Welcome to the R&D Today Roadmapping theme from the editors, Rob Phaal, Clare Farrukh and Sven Schimpf... more»

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R&D Management Conference 2018 lightbulb

Call for papers open for R&D Management Conference 2018

The 2018 R&D Management Conference has opened its call for papers - the deadline for abstracts is 15 February 2018.... more»

R&D Management Conference 2017 Leuven

A busy time in Leuven!

R&D Management Conference 2017 attendants from academia and business were able to challenge and discuss their insights and the many still open questions we face and dare to ask.... more»



Roadmapping is a powerful technique for planning an organisation’s technological capabilities to ensure they meet its commercial or strategic goals. The concept provides a metaphorical image of a roadmap being used to navigate a business through partly known/unknown territories.... more»

Embedding roadmapping – the role of software

The programme for the next R&D Management Conference is shaping up. There will be a good mix of sessions of interest both to academia and industry, including a session of the role of software in roadmapping.... more»

Disruptive technology

Practical Study on Disruptive Technologies and Roadmapping

How do companies handle potentially disruptive technologies from the identification up to their integration and how are these integrated into roadmaps applied in practice?... more»

University of Leuven

R&D Management Conference 2017

The R&D Management Conference 2017 covers a rich and varied range of topics of interest both to academics and practitioners active in the field of innovation, technology and Research and Development management.... more»

Doctoral Studies Awards 2015/16

The following have received RADMA support for their studies.... more»

Case studies

Creating and implementing a technology roadmap – Smith & Nephew

Predicting the future is something that all companies find hard, especially part of that future could involve radical change. Nonetheless, companies are constantly expected to make the right bets on their technology portfolio, identifying future innovations that will make their products and services not only competitive but winners in a global marketplace. Often, the executive dialogue required in order to make these choices stalls, principally because there is no mechanism to create a bridge between ‘commercial strategic intent’ and what might be possible technically both in the near future and the longer term. How can forward-looking companies make the right investment choices?... more»


RADMA - Research and Development Management Association

Doctoral Studies Programme

The RADMA 2018 Doctoral Studies Programme is open. The closing date is 28 February 2018.... more»

Postgraduate Project Support Programme

RADMA has issued an open call for proposals under its Postgraduate Project Support Programme. The award provides support to talented mid-study Masters and PhD students. Funding is for expenses directly related to their postgraduate research in the field of R&D management. Up to £500 is available for Masters and £1000 for PhD projects.... more»


R&D Management Conference 2018 Redesigning Innovation, Milan

R&D Management Conference 2018: R&Designing Innovation

02/07/2018 12:00 am

The R&D Management Conference 2018 will provide a forum for new ideas and thinking on how to adapt management approaches to enable innovation in the modern, transformed environment.... more»


Monitoring the status of a technology roadmap

Some organizations are more sensitive than others to changes to the technology roadmap, this knowledge should be used to inform the TRM status signal.... more»

Have you ever measured your roadmapping performance?

Have you ever measured your roadmapping performance?

Researchers in Brazil have developed a framework to support a quick and visual assessment of roadmapping performance using its core result – the roadmap.... more»

Roadmapping Sandia Labs

Fundamentals of technology roadmapping

The main benefit of technology roadmapping is that it provides information to make better technology investment decisions.... more»

disruptive technology

Supporting the technology-push of a discontinuous innovation in practice

Game changing technology creates a challenge for any industry, but particularly for the hydraulic power generation business, which has traditionally progressed through continuous innovation.... more»

visualizing roadmaps

Visualizing Roadmaps: A Design-Driven Approach

The visual design of technology roadmaps greatly enhances their value as communication aids but this is being overlooked.... more»

How a telecommunications company faced up to the challenge of Cloud computing

As technologies develop and markets evolve firms are being forced to consider radical new ways of doing business if they are to remain competitive. Developing a new business model is extremely complex and challenging as the changes made will inevitably affect every part of the firm.... more»


Finding the way towards smart production

In a recent study among industrial companies that continuously apply the Roadmapping methodology, only 15 per cent were using specific Roadmapping software, while less than a quarter were using Roadmapping for the planning of production technologies. This suggests there is considerable scope for companies to benefit from more effective use of this powerful technique.... more»


The Halo-Effect: Creating Impact Through “Good-looking“ Roadmaps

Content is the essence of roadmapping. But the impact of impressive, professional visuals that attract interest in their own right can often be overlooked.... more»

Frugal innovation creates competitive advantage when resources are limited

Frugal innovation allows a company with a quality product to compete effectively with cheaper manufacturers as it makes a better product more affordable. To help organisations assess their potential Fraunhofer IAO has developed a Frugal Innovation Index. This uses a simple questionnaire to measure, assess and increase the capability of organisations to be frugally innovative.... more»

The challenge of applying TRIZ tool kit for ideation

TRIZ (the theory of inventive problem solving) provides a logical approach to developing creativity for innovation and inventive problem solving.... more»