Pasteur’s Quadrant: a wonderful example of KISS*?

Our scientists are all doing great work in diverse areas, how could I define this work to ensure it was creating value for the company? Stokes model of the Pasteur’s Quadrant provided the inspiration I needed, says Dr Joe de Sousa, Director Science & Technology, AstraZeneca... more»

Reynold's number

Loading and Turbulence in R&D: Is there a Reynolds Number?

A friend in R&D was moaning about how his CEO was forever loading new projects into R&D. “It just fouls things up”, he said, “The more we try and take on, the less actually gets done”. It got me thinking is there a Reynold’s number for R&D that predicts when more is genuinely less.... more»

How distortions and deceptions impact the creation of technology strategy

How distortions and deceptions impact the creation of technology strategy

Cognitive bias, where a decision-maker actively seeks out and assigns more weight to evidence that confirms their hypothesis, can disrupt the technology strategy which needs to be objective.... more»

Prof Ellen Enkel, Editor of R&D Management and Professor of Innovation Management at Zeppelin University

How do you gain consumer trust in artificial intelligence?

Professor Ellen Enkel explored trust in two dimensions: trust in technology and trust in the innovating firm to understand the relationship between humans and automation. She identifies the factors essential for reducing perceived risk.... more»

Programme announced for R&D Management Conference

How can we make a difference in a world ‘awash with ideas’? This is one of the keynote addresses at the R&D Management Conference 1-5 July, which provides an opportunity to hear the latest thinking in this progressive field.... more»

Twitter R&D

Is Twitter’s R&D providing a return on investment?

Research and development expenditure is a key area for a technology company like Twitter. You would expect it to be a significant cost, and sure it enough it is. You would also expect to see a significant return from such investment in user growth and ultimately in revenue.... more»

The challenges of collaborative R&D in Japan - Encouraging participation

Meeting the challenges of collaborative R&D in Japan

An appreciation of cultural sensitivities is helpful if you want to work collaboratively at both an individual or corporate level. We asked Dr. Hajime Endo, Executive Consultant for TouGas Oilfield Solutions, about his experiences of managing international R&D projects and how he went the extra distance with his Japanese colleagues.... more»

Frugal innovation creates competitive advantage when resources are limited

Frugal innovation allows a company with a quality product to compete effectively with cheaper manufacturers as it makes a better product more affordable. To help organisations assess their potential Fraunhofer IAO has developed a Frugal Innovation Index. This uses a simple questionnaire to measure, assess and increase the capability of organisations to be frugally innovative.... more»


Brexit as an innovation challenge

Many R&D managers will recognise the feeling of being asked to achieve a complex multifaceted project with an apparently impossible timescale and distracting internal politics, while being under-resourced and under huge pressure to “just get on with it”. However isolation increases of likelihood of developing an unworkable solution.... more»

Strategic Roadmapping

Strategic roadmapping – take control in times of uncertainty

Roadmapping is a planning approach that provides a structured ‘lens’ with which to look at a complex situation and deduce action plans. Dr Imoh Ilevbare will discuss the benefits of this approach in a webinar on 19th April 2017, 13.00 BST.... more»