Embedding roadmapping – the role of software

The programme for the next R&D Management Conference is shaping up. There will be a good mix of sessions of interest both to academia and industry, including a session of the role of software in roadmapping.... more»

How to create compelling objectives to deliver strategic growth platforms

Leaders want their teams to think beyond the day-to-day and create thriving visions for the future that are based in a well-understood current situation and provide a platform for new growth. Peter Allen of nu Angle describes a tool that he has used to develop compelling objectives for strategic growth.... more»

Technology Roadmap Development Framework: Case Study within Energy Sector

When the Bonneville Power Administration wanted to articulate its technology research agenda to external experts it found that the traditional approach to roadmapping didn’t meet its needs. So the Agency developed its own approach and this has been used successfully to cascade its needs from strategy to implementation.... more»

A technology skewer is a powerful tool in a competitive market

A strong technology platform provides a competitive advantage for a organisation. If the technology is transferable to other markets it offers the potential for growth.... more»

Rick Mitchell

John Shave’s “Revenue Replacement Rule”

When I was an R&D manager I often used to face the situation John Shave describes in his introduction when I was asked to approve projects that didn’t seem to be an adequate use of the engineers’ time, and yet I didn’t have a persuasive answer. Shave’sRevenue Replace Rule offers a powerful truth.... more»

A 360-degree perspective of connected innovation

It has long been an observation from the Open Innovation research group that the ‘outbound’ aspect of OI is massively under-exploited by businesses. So Olaf Gruess, Disruptive Technology Manager & Global Connector at General Mills discussion of ‘enabled supply’ is interesting.... more»

Coworking spaces a resource for inspiring R&D innovation

A coworking space could become a collaboration opportunity and enhance innovation by bringing inhouse R&D teams into contact with external networks and start-ups with disruptive technologies.... more»

Dr Ronald Hage, Catexel CTO, discusses technology strategy with Dr Steve Bone, nu Angle co-founder

How do you use a technology platform for business growth?

Intellectual assets are at the core of our business, explains Dr Ronald Hage of Catexel describing how the company has used its technology platform to grow the company. “Originally the technology came from the industrial cleaning, but we have gone far beyond that and developed patents that allow us to support the development of innovative solutions for new applications.... more»

Can you justify the R&D investment?

Can the estimated sales revenue justify investment in R&D for new product development? A complex question where the Revenue Replacement Rule provides a good answer.... more»

‘Clock speed’ can vary considerably between R&D departments and this creates challenges for global technology management.

How end user focus determines clock speed for R&D programmes

Procter & Gamble is a global consumer products company, the R&D activities are strongly driven by consumer needs and as a result the clock speed is fast. Many projects complete within six months to a year, with management requiring status reports every two weeks. Dr Hajime Endo now of TouGas Oilfield Solutions compares his experiences at P&G with those of Hoechst to explain how the end customer can drive the culture of an R&D organisation.... more»