Twitter R&D

Is Twitter’s R&D providing a return on investment?

Research and development expenditure is a key area for a technology company like Twitter. You would expect it to be a significant cost, and sure it enough it is. You would also expect to see a significant return from such investment in user growth and ultimately in revenue.... more»

The challenges of collaborative R&D in Japan - Encouraging participation

Meeting the challenges of collaborative R&D in Japan

An appreciation of cultural sensitivities is helpful if you want to work collaboratively at both an individual or corporate level. We asked Dr. Hajime Endo, Executive Consultant for TouGas Oilfield Solutions, about his experiences of managing international R&D projects and how he went the extra distance with his Japanese colleagues.... more»

Frugal innovation creates competitive advantage when resources are limited

Frugal innovation allows a company with a quality product to compete effectively with cheaper manufacturers as it makes a better product more affordable. To help organisations assess their potential Fraunhofer IAO has developed a Frugal Innovation Index. This uses a simple questionnaire to measure, assess and increase the capability of organisations to be frugally innovative.... more»


Brexit as an innovation challenge

Many R&D managers will recognise the feeling of being asked to achieve a complex multifaceted project with an apparently impossible timescale and distracting internal politics, while being under-resourced and under huge pressure to “just get on with it”. However isolation increases of likelihood of developing an unworkable solution.... more»

Strategic Roadmapping

Strategic roadmapping – take control in times of uncertainty

Roadmapping is a planning approach that provides a structured ‘lens’ with which to look at a complex situation and deduce action plans. Dr Imoh Ilevbare will discuss the benefits of this approach in a webinar on 19th April 2017, 13.00 BST.... more»

Embedding roadmapping – the role of software

The programme for the next R&D Management Conference is shaping up. There will be a good mix of sessions of interest both to academia and industry, including a session of the role of software in roadmapping.... more»

How to create compelling objectives to deliver strategic growth platforms

Leaders want their teams to think beyond the day-to-day and create thriving visions for the future that are based in a well-understood current situation and provide a platform for new growth. Peter Allen of nu Angle describes a tool that he has used to develop compelling objectives for strategic growth.... more»

Technology Roadmap Development Framework: Case Study within Energy Sector

When the Bonneville Power Administration wanted to articulate its technology research agenda to external experts it found that the traditional approach to roadmapping didn’t meet its needs. So the Agency developed its own approach and this has been used successfully to cascade its needs from strategy to implementation.... more»

A technology skewer is a powerful tool in a competitive market

A strong technology platform provides a competitive advantage for a organisation. If the technology is transferable to other markets it offers the potential for growth.... more»

Rick Mitchell

John Shave’s “Revenue Replacement Rule”

When I was an R&D manager I often used to face the situation John Shave describes in his introduction when I was asked to approve projects that didn’t seem to be an adequate use of the engineers’ time, and yet I didn’t have a persuasive answer. Shave’sRevenue Replace Rule offers a powerful truth.... more»