R&D Management Conference 2017 Leuven

A busy time in Leuven!

R&D Management Conference 2017 attendants from academia and business were able to challenge and discuss their insights and the many still open questions we face and dare to ask.... more»

VisLab - The Italian way to Open Innovation - Technology Transfer

The “Italian way” to Open Innovation

Rapid changes in the external environment require organizations to embrace the paradigms of ‘Open Innovation’ and ‘Open organization’. Here three different approaches are discussed to show how Italian firms are taking such paradigms from theory to practice.... more»

LAB-FAB-APP - Investing in the European future we want

Innovation deficit at heart of Europe’s slow growth

At the heart of Europe’s slow growth lies its innovation deficit. Europe does not capitalise enough on the knowledge it has and produces.... more»

Pentathlon Framework R&D Today

Jeremy Klein opens R&D Management Conference

A structured approach to R&D Management helps to de-risk innovation and this is why sharing best practice is vital for the discipline, Dr Jeremy Klein, chair of RADMA, said to delegates at the R&D Management Conference... more»


“Stretch”: A cracking recipe for plant performance

“Stretch” is the mechanism by which established capital equipment continues to improve in terms of process and product technology and make higher output and new products long after they are built.... more»

Open innovation implementation

Is your leadership style hindering open innovation implementation?

New open innovation implementation implies strategic changes which of course in turn represent a different level of risk. These individual types of risks are easier to be tackled by CEOs with certain characteristics than others, as author Joonmo Ahn explains.... more»

Open Innovation prospector strategy

5 essential tips to implementing an open innovation approach in your organization

Your approach to Open Innovation should be defined by the corporate strategy, say Professor Ellen Enkel. A defender’s strategy needs a different approach to a prospector and culture will eat strategy for breakfast if you don’t selected the right people. She gives her 5 tips for success.... more»

Strategic thinking - analytical or intuitive

Analytical or Intuitive – finding a sweet spot for strategic thinking

There are at least two modes styles of thinking that managers appear to follow in developing their strategy: intuitive and analytical.... more»


Pasteur’s Quadrant: a wonderful example of KISS*?

Our scientists are all doing great work in diverse areas, how could I define this work to ensure it was creating value for the company? Stokes model of the Pasteur’s Quadrant provided the inspiration I needed, says Dr Joe de Sousa, Director Science & Technology, AstraZeneca... more»

Reynold's number

Loading and Turbulence in R&D: Is there a Reynolds Number?

A friend in R&D was moaning about how his CEO was forever loading new projects into R&D. “It just fouls things up”, he said, “The more we try and take on, the less actually gets done”. It got me thinking is there a Reynold’s number for R&D that predicts when more is genuinely less.... more»