Coworking spaces a resource for inspiring R&D innovation

A coworking space could become a collaboration opportunity and enhance innovation by bringing inhouse R&D teams into contact with external networks and start-ups with disruptive technologies.... more»

Dr Ronald Hage, Catexel CTO, discusses technology strategy with Dr Steve Bone, nu Angle co-founder

How do you use a technology platform for business growth?

Intellectual assets are at the core of our business, explains Dr Ronald Hage of Catexel describing how the company has used its technology platform to grow the company. “Originally the technology came from the industrial cleaning, but we have gone far beyond that and developed patents that allow us to support the development of innovative solutions for new applications.... more»

Can you justify the R&D investment?

Can the estimated sales revenue justify investment in R&D for new product development? A complex question where the Revenue Replacement Rule provides a good answer.... more»

‘Clock speed’ can vary considerably between R&D departments and this creates challenges for global technology management.

How end user focus determines clock speed for R&D programmes

Procter & Gamble is a global consumer products company, the R&D activities are strongly driven by consumer needs and as a result the clock speed is fast. Many projects complete within six months to a year, with management requiring status reports every two weeks. Dr Hajime Endo now of TouGas Oilfield Solutions compares his experiences at P&G with those of Hoechst to explain how the end customer can drive the culture of an R&D organisation.... more»

R&D Management Conference 2017 call for papers

Call for papers for the R&D Management Conference 2017 special session Intellectual property management for Sustainable Innovation.... more»

How to increase your creative success rate by a factor of 10

The great thing about having a genuine variety of ideas, is that it very substantially reduces the risk of R&D. This is because variety stimulates creativity and having a genuine choice allows good quality decisions.... more»

Whole value chain approach to open innovation

Strategic issues and opportunities in the food and drink sector need a joined-up approach to make real progress: sustainability; provenance and obesity can’t be tackled through bi-party relationships alone and this is where open innovation comes into its own.... more»

A roadmapping workshop for BASF’s Construction Chemicals Division

Roadmapping at BASF

When Tim Handyside became head of a new innovation management group for BASF’s Construction Chemicals Division he was already an advocate of roadmapping. However, despite the full approval of management, he found implementation challenging. BASF’s experiences are shared by many of the companies taking part in a research project run by STIM Consortium.... more»

Coffee Time Conversations: Brainstorming

Brainstorming often seems simple, but it isn’t, as Anne Miller and Ieva Martinaityte discuss in the first of our podcasts about creativity.... more»

How to identify disruptive technologies

With increased market competition and social pressure, energy companies have had to adapt, generating innovative ideas themselves and dealing with new technologies that may threaten their position. But how can you predict how disruptive a new technology will be?... more»