RADMA announces 2017 doctoral studies programme

The RADMA Doctoral Studies Programme award provides up to three years funding offering an opportunity to concentrate on the studentship for the period of the award.... more»

R&D Management - science or art

International R&D podcast 2: Management, Leadership and Balance

The art comes in anticipating where these things will move, as the challenge with R&D management is that you need to be thinking ahead of where markets are. Cameron Begley in conversation with Allison Haitz explores how to develop leadership skills in this podcast.... more»

Paul Barrett

Tools support objective discussion of portfolio strategy

Paul Barrett is part of a RADMA working group that aims to provide a selection of recommended tools so that R&D and innovation managers can improve the productivity of their departments and manage the processes better.... more»

How to speak up without damaging your career

How to speak up without damaging your career

Spotting and communicating issues is a drive for organisational improvement, but all too often the whistle-blowers are punished. Dr Ieva Martinaityte explores how speaking out can be used for positive influence.... more»

Kids deserve creativity

Kids deserve creativity – and so do employers

Without creativity, how are young people to participate in the exciting world of innovation and development that those of us involved in RADMA find so satisfying and profitable? Anne Miller puts the case for creativity on the curriculum.... more»

Making aysmmetric partnerships work

Making asymmetric partnerships work

Bringing together start-ups and established firms in mutually beneficial partnerships seems an obvious solution. However, research shows that making such asymmetric partnerships work can be problematic. Here are five ways to increase the chances of success.... more»

Gartner Hype Cycle

At what point does ‘Open Innovation’ become just ‘Innovation’?

Dominic Oughton considers two related questions: ‘How relevant is collaboration in innovation, now and going forwards?’ and ‘Does the brand ‘Open Innovation’ still serve any value?’... more»

International R&D

International R&D podcast: cultures and clock speeds

Links between culture and clock speed do exist. Cameron Begley in conversation with Allison Haitz explores the connections between clock speeds, culture, technical discipline and markets in this podcast.... more»

Wooden Mosquito - technology choices according to ideology feat

Do you make technology choices according to your ideology?

Faced with the question of whether they make technology choices according to ideology, most people involved in R&D would say “Of course not”. But the truth is more complex.... more»

R&D Management Conference 2017 Leuven

A busy time in Leuven!

R&D Management Conference 2017 attendants from academia and business were able to challenge and discuss their insights and the many still open questions we face and dare to ask.... more»