Rationale for selection of key themes

There is no shortage of challenging topics facing R&D managers in today’s world, but sources of practical help with these can be in short supply.

This website aims to provide at least a starting point with ideas and help on the following themes:

Pilot survey work with R&D managers across a range of industry sectors, and with organisations of varying size, revealed a consensus that these were among the areas of most interest. Further, these particular themes were selected because for each of them there is useful information available, and further sources of help can be indicated. A mix of practical guides, case examples, books and academic papers can be pointed to.

Theme Editors

Theme editors, experienced in the practical issues around each of these themes, have been engaged to maintain content relevance and topicality on the website. If you would like to become a theme editor please see further details here.

As the dialogue develops, we plan to extend the survey, identify and support additional themes, and include comments and experience from other R&D professionals around the world.


Ideation and Creativity

Anne Miller feat  Anne Miller is an innovator, entrepreneur and Director of the Creativity Partnership.

Ieva Martinaityte  Ieva Martinaityte is a lecturer in Business and Management at University of East Anglia.


Sven Schimpf feat  Sven Schimpf is a researcher and consultant at the Fraunhofer IAO/IAT Universität Stuttgart Competence Center.

Clare Farrukh feat  Clare Farrukh is Senior Research Associate of Technology Management at IfM.

Rob Phaal feat  Rob Phaal is Principal Research Associate for the Department of Engineering at University of Cambridge.

Technology Strategy

Steve Bone feat  Steve Bone is a recognised thought leader and co-founded nu Angle.

Imoh Ilevbare feat  Imoh Ilevbare works at the Institute for Manufacturing, University of Cambridge as a Product Manager.

 Managing International R&D

Allison Haitz feat  Allison Haitz is VP of Global Product and Applications Development at Lonza.

Yongjiang Shi feat  Yongjiang Shi is Research Director of the Centre for International Manufacturing and a lecturer at IfM.

 Managing the R&D Pipeline

Joe de Sousa feat  Joe de Sousa is UK/US Product Development Science and Technology Lead at AstraZeneca.

  Rick Mitchell is a Visiting Professor of Innovation for University of Cambridge and Cranfield University.

Open Innovation

Dominic Oughton  Dominic Oughton is Principal Industrial Fellow for IfM Education and Consultancy Services Associates

letizia-mortara-feat  Letizia Mortara is Senior Research Associate for Business Model Innovation and Technology Management

tim-minshall-feat  Tim Minshall is Head of the Centre for Technology Management at IfM