Mark Richardson

Working with the best people is more important than employing them

Six things I have learnt about R&D management, Mark Richardson, former VP of Research and Technology at Smith & Nephew plc, shares his experiences.... more»

why technology entrepreneurs fail says Yuta Hirose

Why technology entrepreneurs fail to realise potential of new product developments

Work in Japan led Yuta Hirose to realise that a lack of strategic thinking was one of the reasons why so many technology entrepreneurs fail to realise the full potential of their new product developments. To address this Yuta designed a strategic roadmapping tool for emerging technology ventures within his PhD funded by the RADMA Doctoral Studies Programme.... more»

Funding for R&D central to Industrial Strategy – call for proposals

UK industry and research are invited to submit proposals aligned clearly with at least one of the 4 grand challenges in government’s Industrial Strategy.... more»

Vincenzo Buttice

Finance for Innovation: New Tools and Approaches

Digital and technological innovation is changing the way innovative firms access debt and equity funding.... more»

Jasper Brinkerrink

Innovation and R&D management in family firms

A recent meta-analysis established that family firms are more efficient innovators – i.e., they achieve greater output with fewer inputs. These finding researchers to dig deeper to find what ‘soft’ aspects of the ‘familiness’ of businesses may explain these established differences between ‘hard’ input and output figures.... more»

Davide Chiaroni

Circular economy put into practice: opportunities and challenges for innovative industrial paradigms

Circular Economy has become one of the hot topics in public debates about new and more sustainable industrial paradigms.... more»

Marcelo Nogueira Cortimiglia

Digitally-enabled business model innovation

How Digital Innovation can enable (or hinder) “Digitally-enabled Business Model Innovation”.... more»

Margherita Pero

Managing at the intersection between Innovation and supply chain management

Supply chain innovations can drive business model innovations and vice versa... more»

Dr Antonio Messeni Petruzzelli Innovation Management Polytechnic University of Bari

Innovation dynamics and organizational performance: novel strategies and approaches

Scholars are studying novel search strategies, which offer new perspectives and directions to conduct R&D strategies, for example temporal boundary spanning.... more»

Prof Marika Arena

Environmental sustainability, social impact and innovation

Companies are increasingly investing in innovation with the intention of generating a social or environmental impact. To achieve this requires trade-offs and balance between different shareholders’ and stakeholders’ objectives and a move towards ‘ex-ante’ or before the event reporting.... more»