Intuitive vs analytical thinking

Seduction and persuasion – Intuitive v. analytical thinking in technology management

People in R&D usually have a mix of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics training and this requires structured analytical thinking. But many of these people are easily led astray by their intuitions, especially when working on problems outside their ‘discipline’, such as technology management.... more»

Hidden Champions: Small companies ride to the top in open innovation networks

In his book Managing Open Innovation in SMEs, (Cambridge University Press, June 2017), Professor Wim Vanhaverbeke considers bike-part manufacturer Curana’s success and highlights how small companies are embracing the global trend toward Open Innovation through collaborating with external partners to create breakthrough products and services.... more»

Improving Product Features: When is More Less?

Improving Product Features: When is More Less?

Different types of feature have different effects on customer satisfaction – an analysis by Japanese Quality expert, Noriaki Kano, is just as relevant now as it was in 1984.... more»

Food for Thought – The Open Innovation Forum finds a hotbed for start-ups

Dominic Oughton reflects on the 2017 Open Innovation Forum Pitching Contest and the ways in which the competition has evolved since its inception.... more»

Fraunhofer IAO Fit For The Future report 2015

R&D – Fit for the Future – Shaping the Digital Transformation

Fraunhofer IAO are conducting their third expert survey on current R&D trends in companies and are asking for responses.... more»

Paavo Ritala at WOIC 2017

Moonshots and megatrends observations from World Open Innovation Conference

Paavo Ritala, reports from the 4th Annual World Open Innovation Conference and comments that we are moving towards better understanding of both micro and macro environments of open innovation.... more»

Case Study: Open Innovation at Heineken

Open Innovation at Heineken

Heineken has been experimenting with different models for facilitating ideation with external partners, culminating in the launch of its Innovators Brewhouse 2.0, which aims to balance creativity with finding solutions to real world needs.... more»

R&D Management Conference 2018 lightbulb

Call for papers open for R&D Management Conference 2018

The 2018 R&D Management Conference has opened its call for papers – the deadline for abstracts is 15 February 2018.... more»

Open approaches helped Fiat to avoid substantial reduction of R&D and innovation capability

Can openness enhance a firm’s performance in an economic downturn?

Observations suggest that Open Innovation in a downturn can help build resilience; Joon Mo Ahn, Letizia Mortara and Tim Minshall tested this hypothesis with an analysis of the UK CIS data.... more»

International R&D podcast 3: Equilibrium, academics and policies

Setting up technology transfer transactions can be a minefield in which programs can fail despite having excellent technology and market potential. Cameron Begley and Allison Haitz discuss some of the reasons for this.... more»