R&D – Fit for the Future – Shaping the Digital Transformation

Fraunhofer IAO Fit For The Future report 2015

The study from 2015 is available from Fraunhofer IAO on request

What are your experiences of R&D in your company?

Will you help to shape the future of R&D consulting services?

Fraunhofer IAO are conducting their third expert survey on current R&D trends in companies and are asking for responses to the survey.

Completing the survey will outline the current practices of your R&D department and enable Fraunhofer IAO to gain insights into the current R&D practice of companies in order to assess the needs of users and R&D managers. Based on these results, they will then develop research and consulting services tailored to your needs around the topic of R&D management.

The survey can be found online here.

The results of the survey are evaluated anonymously to collect statistical data and will then be published in a study.