Is effective R&D Management training available?

R&D Management training opportunityIt is RADMA’s perception that there is a lack of opportunities for R&D managers to gain support and training. There are many tools and methodologies available to support R&D and much best practice but this is not readily available to those in industry.

We consider that this assessing the availability and need for training might make a good subject for a short business project, perhaps for a masters student.

The aim would be understand better what is available and make recommendations for how training can be improved.

Project aims

  • To explore the options open to RADMA to advance the training and education of practitioners in R&D management.
  • To advise if there is market appetite and need for one or more new training courses.

Background and assumptions

  • RADMA is an international charity with the aim to promote, advance and educate in all aspects of R&D management
  • R&D management is a sub category of management with particular needs and challenges that require specific skills, training, insight and support.
  • New managers, mid-career managers and later career managers will have different training needs.

Key tasks

  • To assess the landscape of R&D management training and support currently being offered in Europe and elsewhere.
  • Understand the different market segments
  • By interview or other means, survey a representative group of senior R&D managers for their opinions on the need for training for junior managers and staff including ideas on the style (online, offline etc) and content.
  • Prepare an outline business plan for an activity.

Representatives of RADMA will support the student closely, including in selecting and contacting companies.