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Spaces for innovation and FAB labs – call for papers

How do 'makerspaces' support innovation? Call for papers by Special Interest Group “Spaces for innovation and FAB labs" has just opened on this topic to be explored at the 3rd Abbe’ Gregoire Conference.... more»

The low carbon transition

The low carbon transition can stimulate innovation

Thinking creatively about the low carbon transition can stimulate new thinking and motivate staff to innovate; bringing big benefits to the bottom line, both now and in the immediate future.... more»

How to speak up without damaging your career

How to speak up without damaging your career

Spotting and communicating issues is a drive for organisational improvement, but all too often the whistle-blowers are punished. Dr Ieva Martinaityte explores how speaking out can be used for positive influence.... more»

Kids deserve creativity

Kids deserve creativity – and so do employers

Without creativity, how are young people to participate in the exciting world of innovation and development that those of us involved in RADMA find so satisfying and profitable? Anne Miller puts the case for creativity on the curriculum.... more»


Brexit as an innovation challenge

Many R&D managers will recognise the feeling of being asked to achieve a complex multifaceted project with an apparently impossible timescale and distracting internal politics, while being under-resourced and under huge pressure to "just get on with it". However isolation increases of likelihood of developing an unworkable solution.... more»

Coworking spaces a resource for inspiring R&D innovation

A coworking space could become a collaboration opportunity and enhance innovation by bringing inhouse R&D teams into contact with external networks and start-ups with disruptive technologies.... more»

How to increase your creative success rate by a factor of 10

The great thing about having a genuine variety of ideas, is that it very substantially reduces the risk of R&D. This is because variety stimulates creativity and having a genuine choice allows good quality decisions.... more»

take your brain for a walk

Take your brain for a walk

Creative work is often marked by an impasse. Exercising helps your conscious mind to relax, and your inner critic to rest. You might be surprised by unexpected and original combinations that emerge.... more»

brain storm

To brainstorm, or not to brainstorm

When done well, by the right sort of people, with an experienced facilitator, a brainstorm has real strengths and can produce large numbers of ideas.... more»

creativity in leadership

The fruits of creative confidence

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew that caring about your own creativity could help your team to live up to their creative potential?... more»

Creativity in times of uncertainty

A sense of unease can have knock-on consequences on our ability to be creative and come up with new ideas, even in the nominally separate world of R&D.... more»

Autonomy, support and guidance

Autonomy, support and guidance

If you manage scientists or engineers and want to foster their creativity this is the paper to read. It's also a good one to give your manager, if you want to help her/him do a better job at helping your own creativity!... more»

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R&D Management Conference 2018 lightbulb

Call for papers open for R&D Management Conference 2018

The 2018 R&D Management Conference has opened its call for papers - the deadline for abstracts is 15 February 2018.... more»

R&D Management Conference 2017 Leuven

A busy time in Leuven!

R&D Management Conference 2017 attendants from academia and business were able to challenge and discuss their insights and the many still open questions we face and dare to ask.... more»

LAB-FAB-APP - Investing in the European future we want

Innovation deficit at heart of Europe’s slow growth

At the heart of Europe’s slow growth lies its innovation deficit. Europe does not capitalise enough on the knowledge it has and produces.... more»

Ideation and creativity in R&D

Ideation and creativity in R&D

Creativity can seem quite a messy discipline, but I find it useful to categorise it into 4 aspects: process, people, product and place, based on work by the pioneering US creativity researcher, Mel Rhodes.... more»

University of Leuven

R&D Management Conference 2017

The R&D Management Conference 2017 covers a rich and varied range of topics of interest both to academics and practitioners active in the field of innovation, technology and Research and Development management.... more»

Where do ideas come from?

People often think that being innovative means having a lot of ideas. But where do the ideas come from? The history of innovation is full of examples of people suddenly... more»

Once upon a time…

Stories reinforce our models and understanding of how innovation works in a vivid way. Not for nothing do they form the staple diet of most conference presentations, and in a more restrained fashion form the core of our teaching explains John Bessant.... more»

Case studies

Tools for managing early-stage business model innovation

Lockheed Martin have used a new two-stage approach to solicit and evaluate thousands of ideas from their employees, improving on traditional financial methods used to evaluate innovation.... more»


RADMA - Research and Development Management Association

Doctoral Studies Programme

The RADMA 2018 Doctoral Studies Programme is open. The closing date is 28 February 2018.... more»

RADMA Postgraduate Project Support Programme

RADMA has issued an open call for proposals under its Postgraduate Project Support Programme.... more»

Postgraduate Project Support Programme

RADMA has issued an open call for proposals under its Postgraduate Project Support Programme. The award provides support to talented mid-study Masters and PhD students. Funding is for expenses directly related to their postgraduate research in the field of R&D management. Up to £500 is available for Masters and £1000 for PhD projects.... more»


R&D Management Conference 2018 Redesigning Innovation, Milan

R&D Management Conference 2018: R&Designing Innovation

02/07/2018 12:00 am

The R&D Management Conference 2018 will provide a forum for new ideas and thinking on how to adapt management approaches to enable innovation in the modern, transformed environment.... more»


How combinations of TRIZ tools are used in companies – results of a cluster analysis

Experienced TRIZ users and academics will find this paper stimulating, both for further theoretical understanding and also as a basis for further research.... more»

A review of TRIZ its benefits and challenges in practice

TRIZ provides a useful structure for thinking and brainstorming, enabling ideas to be developed more quickly. However it requires patience to understand it... more»


Coffee Time Conversations: Brainstorming

Brainstorming often seems simple, but it isn't, as Anne Miller and Ieva Martinaityte discuss in the first of our podcasts about creativity.... more»

Identifying hidden needs: creating breakthrough products

Many organizations struggle to come up with novel product concepts as focus groups and surveys often fail to gain sufficient insight into the customer’s hidden needs. These writers suggest an alternative approach.... more»

Creativity: Theories and Themes: Research, Development, and Practice

Capturing an eclectic approach to creativity, Mark A. Runco discusses whether creativity is influenced by nature or nurture, personality and style research and how social context affects creativity.... more»

Organising for breakthrough innovation: Rejuvenating the established firm

ARM, Philips, BT, Qualcomm and BAE Systems are some of the case studies featured in this workbook that aims to show radical innovation can come from established companies.... more»

Creating Breakthrough Ideas: The Collaboration of Anthropologists and Designers in the Product Development Industry

As ethnographic research becomes increasingly central to the creation of new products, services and marketing strategies for both home and global markets; anthropologists and other social scientists are in demand by R&D firms.... more»


‘How to’ statements

A useful tool in creative problem solving is the ‘how to’ statement which provides a powerful way of reframing the problem.... more»

The challenge of applying TRIZ tool kit for ideation

TRIZ (the theory of inventive problem solving) provides a logical approach to developing creativity for innovation and inventive problem solving.... more»

Would an analogy help?

nalogies are a useful tool for creative problem solving, to help one move away from the obvious and to encourage ‘out of the box’ thinking. Professor John Bessant shares his views on this interesting tool.... more»