Mark Richardson

Working with the best people is more important than employing them

Six things I have learnt about R&D management, Mark Richardson, former VP of Research and Technology at Smith & Nephew plc, shares his experiences.... more»

why technology entrepreneurs fail says Yuta Hirose

Why technology entrepreneurs fail to realise potential of new product developments

Work in Japan led Yuta Hirose to realise that a lack of strategic thinking was one of the reasons why so many technology entrepreneurs fail to realise the full potential of their new product developments. To address this Yuta designed a strategic roadmapping tool for emerging technology ventures within his PhD funded by the RADMA Doctoral Studies Programme.... more»

Food for Thought – The Open Innovation Forum finds a hotbed for start-ups

Dominic Oughton reflects on the 2017 Open Innovation Forum Pitching Contest and the ways in which the competition has evolved since its inception.... more»

Fraunhofer IAO Fit For The Future report 2015

R&D – Fit for the Future – Shaping the Digital Transformation

Fraunhofer IAO are conducting their third expert survey on current R&D trends in companies and are asking for responses.... more»

R&D Management Conference 2018 lightbulb

Call for papers open for R&D Management Conference 2018

The 2018 R&D Management Conference has opened its call for papers – the deadline for abstracts is 15 February 2018.... more»

RADMA announces 2017 doctoral studies programme

The RADMA Doctoral Studies Programme award provides up to three years funding offering an opportunity to concentrate on the studentship for the period of the award.... more»

Wooden Mosquito - technology choices according to ideology feat

Do you make technology choices according to your ideology?

Faced with the question of whether they make technology choices according to ideology, most people involved in R&D would say “Of course not”. But the truth is more complex.... more»

R&D Management Conference 2017 Leuven

A busy time in Leuven!

R&D Management Conference 2017 attendants from academia and business were able to challenge and discuss their insights and the many still open questions we face and dare to ask.... more»

Dr Letizia Mortara

Letizia Mortara to head up new R&D Management Conference office

Dr Letizia Mortara has been appointed head of the R&D Management Conference Office, a new position announced by RADMA chairman Jeremy Klein at the 2017 Leuven conference.... more»

VisLab - The Italian way to Open Innovation - Technology Transfer

The “Italian way” to Open Innovation

Rapid changes in the external environment require organizations to embrace the paradigms of ‘Open Innovation’ and ‘Open organization’. Here three different approaches are discussed to show how Italian firms are taking such paradigms from theory to practice.... more»

LAB-FAB-APP - Investing in the European future we want

Innovation deficit at heart of Europe’s slow growth

At the heart of Europe’s slow growth lies its innovation deficit. Europe does not capitalise enough on the knowledge it has and produces.... more»

Pentathlon Framework R&D Today

Jeremy Klein opens R&D Management Conference

A structured approach to R&D Management helps to de-risk innovation and this is why sharing best practice is vital for the discipline, Dr Jeremy Klein, chair of RADMA, said to delegates at the R&D Management Conference... more»

Open Innovation prospector strategy

5 essential tips to implementing an open innovation approach in your organization

Your approach to Open Innovation should be defined by the corporate strategy, say Professor Ellen Enkel. A defender’s strategy needs a different approach to a prospector and culture will eat strategy for breakfast if you don’t selected the right people. She gives her 5 tips for success.... more»

Open Innovation

Open innovation

Open Innovation (OI) is an approach whereby organisations, originally companies but increasingly governments and NGOs, seek to collaborate with others to deliver innovation.... more»

Managing the R&D pipeline

Managing the R&D pipeline

For many companies the R&D pipeline contains ‘the future of the company’ as it is the main and often the only, source of future products. Therefore managing the pipeline is... more»

Managing international R&D

Managing international R&D

There are many challenges when managing international R&D, some of these are similar to those of international management in general but some elements come into sharper focus due to the concentrated nature of the knowledge assets.... more»

Technology Strategy

Technology strategy

How do you choose which technologies the firm should invest in? How should new technologies be acquired, developed, protected and integrated? How can you decide the most appropriate means of exploiting technology resources and assets?... more»



Roadmapping is a powerful technique for planning an organisation’s technological capabilities to ensure they meet its commercial or strategic goals. The concept provides a metaphorical image of a roadmap being used to navigate a business through partly known/unknown territories.... more»

Ideation and creativity in R&D

Ideation and creativity in R&D

Creativity can seem quite a messy discipline, but I find it useful to categorise it into 4 aspects: process, people, product and place, based on work by the pioneering US creativity researcher, Mel Rhodes.... more»

Prof Ellen Enkel, Editor of R&D Management and Professor of Innovation Management at Zeppelin University

How do you gain consumer trust in artificial intelligence?

Professor Ellen Enkel explored trust in two dimensions: trust in technology and trust in the innovating firm to understand the relationship between humans and automation. She identifies the factors essential for reducing perceived risk.... more»

Programme announced for R&D Management Conference

How can we make a difference in a world ‘awash with ideas’? This is one of the keynote addresses at the R&D Management Conference 1-5 July, which provides an opportunity to hear the latest thinking in this progressive field.... more»

Twitter R&D

Is Twitter’s R&D providing a return on investment?

Research and development expenditure is a key area for a technology company like Twitter. You would expect it to be a significant cost, and sure it enough it is. You would also expect to see a significant return from such investment in user growth and ultimately in revenue.... more»

Embedding roadmapping – the role of software

The programme for the next R&D Management Conference is shaping up. There will be a good mix of sessions of interest both to academia and industry, including a session of the role of software in roadmapping.... more»

R&D Management Conference 2017 call for papers

Call for papers for the R&D Management Conference 2017 special session Intellectual property management for Sustainable Innovation.... more»

R&D Investment on UK government agenda

Long term investment in research and development and a new technology strategy are part of a raft of proposals announced today by UK prime minister Theresa May.... more»

Disruptive technology

Practical Study on Disruptive Technologies and Roadmapping

How do companies handle potentially disruptive technologies from the identification up to their integration and how are these integrated into roadmaps applied in practice?... more»

Warren East

Management’s role is to nurture innovation, says Warren East

At Rolls-Royce we consider innovation to be the lifeblood of a successful company. It is also hugely satisfying; it creates enthusiasm, as success makes people innovate more and creates a kind of cooperative virtuous circle, says Warren East, Chief Executive of Rolls-Royce.... more»

Thinking, fast and slow

Decisions in projects: how good is intuition?

Intuition can be very powerful, but when faced with novel situations our intuition is surprisingly easily led astray. There’s a whole body of work on this in the field of Behavioural Economics.... more»

University of Leuven

R&D Management Conference 2017

The R&D Management Conference 2017 covers a rich and varied range of topics of interest both to academics and practitioners active in the field of innovation, technology and Research and Development management.... more»

Best papers presented at R&D Management Conference

‘Very relevant and excellently operationalised paper on the phenomenon of circular economy with focus on cradle to cradle quality standard. This is one of the first works in this area providing such broad empirical evidence’... more»

R&D Management Conference Dinner

R&D Management Conference

A highlight of the year is the R&D Management Conference. The 2016 conference ‘From Science to Society: Innovation and Value Creation’ was held in Cambridge, UK, and the 2017 conference will be held at the University of Leuven, Belgium, from 2-5 July.... more»

Meet the editors

Over 300 papers have been presented at the R&D Management Conference representing a huge body of work.... more»

Warren East at the R&D Management Conference

Creativity, roadmapping, devising technology strategies: key R&D issues

R&D Today officially launched at R&D Management Conference 2016; community website aims to be ‘trip advisor’ of best practice.... more»

Frugal innovation in a complex world

Resources are increasingly scarce and organizations are looking for ways to do more with less. The frugal approach can be applied to intellectual and skilled resources as much as to physical ones – something of relevance in a world where R&D productivity is increasingly an issue.... more»

R&D Management conference 2016

R&D Management Conference 3-6 July

R&D Management Conference is kindly sponsored by Beko, BP, thyssenkrupp, Routledge Taylor & Francis and Wiley. Sessions will be of interest to academics and practitioners.... more»

Warren East

R&D Management Conference highlights for practitioners

R&D Management Conference includes many sessions of interest to practitioners including keynotes by Warren East of Rolls-Royce plc, Joe de Sousa AstraZeneca, David Teece Haas School of Business and Mark Samuels NIHR.... more»

Where do ideas come from?

People often think that being innovative means having a lot of ideas. But where do the ideas come from? The history of innovation is full of examples of people suddenly... more»

New avenues for business model innovation

Despite the high levels of interest and attention that have been applied to business model innovation, the phenomenon still represents ‘a slippery construct to study’.

This fuzziness of the phenomenon is caused by inconsistencies in the conceptual framework of business models, which reside somewhere between economics and business strategy without possessing a solid theoretical anchoring in either field.... more»

Once upon a time…

Stories reinforce our models and understanding of how innovation works in a vivid way. Not for nothing do they form the staple diet of most conference presentations, and in a more restrained fashion form the core of our teaching explains John Bessant.... more»

R&D Management Tools and Topics Survey

Original research by RADMA aims to discover which R&D management tools and topics are of greatest interest to practitioners. The early findings are of great interest says David Probert, Reader in Technology Management, University of Cambridge Institute for Manufacturing.... more»

Open versus closed innovation: are the metrics good enough?

Today’s business reality is not based on pure open innovation but on companies that invest simultaneously in closed as well as open innovation activities.

Too much openness can negatively impact companies’ long-term innovation success, because it could lead to loss of control and core competences. Moreover, a closed innovation approach does not serve the increasing demands of shorter innovation cycles and reduced time to market.... more»

How good are you at delivering business value from technology?

A new approach has been developed at the University of Cambridge Institute for Manufacturing (IfM) to help companies assess how good they are at managing innovation and new technologies.

The development of successful new products and services is critical for profitable, sustainable growth. Investing in new technology is often essential but represents a significant challenge in today’s globalised and rapidly changing markets.... more»

Doctoral Studies Awards 2015/16

The following have received RADMA support for their studies.... more»

Doctoral Studies Programme 2016

The Doctoral Studies call for applications opens 1st November 2015 and closes 29th February 2016. This award provides up to three years funding to prospective or mid-study PhD students attending a UK university.... more»