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R&D Management Conference 2017 Leuven

A busy time in Leuven!

R&D Management Conference 2017 attendants from academia and business were able to challenge and discuss their insights and the many still open questions we face and dare to ask.... more»

VisLab - The Italian way to Open Innovation - Technology Transfer

The “Italian way” to Open Innovation

Rapid changes in the external environment require organizations to embrace the paradigms of ‘Open Innovation’ and ‘Open organization’. Here three different approaches are discussed to show how Italian firms are taking such paradigms from theory to practice.... more»

Open Innovation prospector strategy

5 essential tips to implementing an open innovation approach in your organization

Your approach to Open Innovation should be defined by the corporate strategy, say Professor Ellen Enkel. A defender's strategy needs a different approach to a prospector and culture will eat strategy for breakfast if you don't selected the right people. She gives her 5 tips for success.... more»

Open Innovation

Open innovation

Open Innovation (OI) is an approach whereby organisations, originally companies but increasingly governments and NGOs, seek to collaborate with others to deliver innovation.... more»

University of Leuven

R&D Management Conference 2017

The R&D Management Conference 2017 covers a rich and varied range of topics of interest both to academics and practitioners active in the field of innovation, technology and Research and Development management.... more»

Open versus closed innovation: are the metrics good enough?

Today’s business reality is not based on pure open innovation but on companies that invest simultaneously in closed as well as open innovation activities.Too much openness can negatively impact companies’ long-term innovation success, because it could lead to loss of control and core competences. Moreover, a closed innovation approach does not serve the increasing demands of shorter innovation cycles and reduced time to market.... more»

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Making aysmmetric partnerships work

Making asymmetric partnerships work

Bringing together start-ups and established firms in mutually beneficial partnerships seems an obvious solution. However, research shows that making such asymmetric partnerships work can be problematic. Here are five ways to increase the chances of success.... more»

Gartner Hype Cycle

At what point does ‘Open Innovation’ become just ‘Innovation’?

Dominic Oughton considers two related questions: ‘How relevant is collaboration in innovation, now and going forwards?’ and ‘Does the brand ‘Open Innovation’ still serve any value?’... more»

How do we measure the value of investment in Open Innovation?

What activity leads to what value/outputs in Open Innovation, and what is the threshold where we decide whether there was a significant ‘open’ aspect? The cynical answer might be that it depends on the ultimate success of the investment and who is trying to support which agenda! Dominic Oughton highlights the lack of metrics to measure the value of investment in Open Innovation.... more»

Open innovation implementation

Is your leadership style hindering open innovation implementation?

New open innovation implementation implies strategic changes which of course in turn represent a different level of risk. These individual types of risks are easier to be tackled by CEOs with certain characteristics than others, as author Joonmo Ahn explains.... more»

A 360-degree perspective of connected innovation

It has long been an observation from the Open Innovation research group that the 'outbound' aspect of OI is massively under-exploited by businesses. So Olaf Gruess, Disruptive Technology Manager & Global Connector at General Mills discussion of 'enabled supply' is interesting.... more»

Whole value chain approach to open innovation

Strategic issues and opportunities in the food and drink sector need a joined-up approach to make real progress: sustainability; provenance and obesity can’t be tackled through bi-party relationships alone and this is where open innovation comes into its own.... more»


R&D Management Conference 2018 Redesigning Innovation, Milan

R&D Management Conference 2018: R&Designing Innovation

02/07/2018 12:00 am

The R&D Management Conference 2018 will provide a forum for new ideas and thinking on how to adapt management approaches to enable innovation in the modern, transformed environment.... more»


Open Innovation Practices and Their Effect on Innovation Performance

Revealing interesting findings on the impact of Open Innovation, this paper develops an indicator framework for examining open innovation practices and their impact on performance.... more»

What is disruptive innovation?

The ‘Theory of Disruption’ has proven to be a powerful way of thinking about innovation driven growth; popular with companies both large and small. This paper explores what is and what it isn't and how it can be used to predict success.... more»

The theory of crowd capital

Crowdsourcing is well-known as a problem-solving and production model but how can organisations use it effectively?... more»

Open R&D and open innovation: exploring the phenomenon

There is currently a broad awareness of open innovation and its relevance to corporate R&D. The implications and trends that underpin open innovation are actively discussed in terms of strategic, organizational, behavioral, knowledge, legal and business perspectives, and its economic implications.... more»


How to implement open innovation: Lessons from studying large multinational companies

Open innovation is an innovation in itself and therefore has to be effectively managed right from the beginning if it is to be successfully implemented. This workbook, based on the the lessons of multinational organisations, aims to support senior R&D managers implement an open innovation strategy.... more»